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Shepard Development Corporation: Commercial, Retail & Industrial Land Developers

Shepard Development Corporation (SDC) is a private, Calgary based, family owned and operated Land Development Company, providing shopping opportunities, office space and industrial facilities to Calgary communities.

What differentiates our approach is our outright ownership of the land we develop. This gives us unprecedented levels of control relative to access, architectural standards and environmental stewardship.

Since breaking ground in 1988, SDC had developed over 180 acres at the Shepard Regional Centre. The remaining parcels, currently under development include an additional 50,000 square feet of commercial retail units, 150,000 square feet of light industrial and warehouse space, and an 850,000 square foot office campus. To date, over one million square feet of commercial and retail development has taken place on the land originally owned by SDC.

Our next major undertaking is an environmentally sensitive development at Jacksonport in Northeast Calgary, on 160 acres of light industrial land immediately adjacent to the Calgary International Airport.

Our corporate position that we are "think straight, talk straight" people isn't just marketing hype. Thinking straight and talking straight with our neighbors, customers, tenants and partners is what we have always done on our land - it is how we have survived the thrived in the Calgary community this long, and it's what we continue to do as developers.

Using land wisely, adapting it and ourselves to the changing needs of our world is central to who we are, both as a company and as a people. We look forward to working with similar minded organizations.